Smartphone technology keeps improving at an unprecedented pace. The additional memory accommodates more and more apps that consume a lot of power and tends to drain your phone’s battery super-fast. The saddest part is that while developers keep improving the phone’s performance, they haven’t given the battery the attention it deserves. In a way, the phone’s energy demand is higher and overwhelms the battery. But before they manage to improve the battery, users can continue to leverage the best alternatives available.

Huawei supercharge wall charger se seem to provide a lasting solution for the moment. The intelligent chip can charge super fast and makes you happy. Even if you were running short of time, you could spare a few seconds to charge and manage to catch up with your zoom meeting.

Sounds good, right? There is more to it. The super-fast charge method does not harm your phone. The technology plays around with the molecules that make up your phone’s battery by tricking them into absorbing large currents in the shortest time. But perhaps you are wondering how? Let’s tour the design to give a picture of the recipe behind the wonders.

Huawei supercharge-wall-charger-se has multiple fast charging outputs.

This kind of charger is designed to sense how much power your phone requires and then adjusts to supply current accordingly. To enhance this function, it comes fitted with 10V/2.5A, 9V/2A, and 5V/2A charging power. You can’t achieve fast charging minus a suitable cable. It is compatible with USB-C to deliver a fast charge and allow you to make the most out of the charger.

Huawei supercharge-wall-charger-se is compatible with USB-C cable.

You wouldn’t be any happier to charge your phone using a USB-C cable. An optimized cable with a double shield to ensure maximum power passes through. This feature lacks the standard cables. With it, you can charge your phone like a pro. It allows maximum current to flow into your device. Near the end, it tapers down to allow trickle charging to reach maximum voltage and compensate for any amount of current that might have discharged.

Huawei supercharge-wall-charge-se has a compact design.

The shell is mainly white plastic and does not ship in extra weight. The total weight comes close to 103g, thus super light such that it’s portable. The plastic casing is temperature proof and intelligently disperses extra heat to keep it cool and prevent your phone from overheating.

If you are in the market for a new charger, Huawei supercharges wall charger should come top of your priorities. It is the only universal charger in production that offers flexibility and is light enough to bring along when traveling. The design factors in customizability thanks to the advanced features.

The bottom line is that Huawei developers produce a feature-rich device when beyond the competition parity. And even though they went for top quality to build the charger, it comes at a relatively low price. When you order the charger, it comes neatly packaged together with the cables in a box. All you need to do is follow the provided specifications, and you stand to reap the most in terms of functionality.





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