Smartwatches allow you to track any physical activity and are even used for you to track strenuous workouts. Among different fit smartwatches, the Huawei smartwatch 3 can be used for fitness tracking as well as casual applications. If you are thinking to buy the watch, here are a few of the reasons that will help you make up your mind.

Reasons for Buying a New Huawei fit Smartwatch 3

There are numerous reasons for you to buy a Huawei Fit Smartwatch 3. Here are some of the main reasons that will help you to choose the Huawei fit Smartwatch 3 over other brands.

Gorgeous Design Aesthetics

Huawei Smartwatch 3 is aesthetically pleasing to look and wear which makes it the primary choice of most celebrities. The smartwatch is quite slim that makes it look elegant. Besides that, it is available in a variety of colors like Brown, Black, Grey Blue, and Silver. You can also add on customized fluoroelastomer, nylon, leather, and stainless-steel strips that complement the beauty of the Huawei smartwatch 3.

Breathtaking Display and Functions

The Huawei smartwatch 3 is quite different from its predecessors and is quite similar to the Huawei GT smartwatch series. It has a round glossy face that resembles most conventional watches. Huawei smartwatch 3 comes with a 46mm case along with a comfortable black strip. On the right side, there is a rotating crown that makes screen scrolling quite easier. There is another button on the right that allows you to scroll either to the previous menu or the home screen.

Remarkable Features

The Huawei smartwatch 3 is substantially focused on fitness and has a vast array of functions that support health and fitness applications. Considering the compatibility, you can use the smartwatch on Harmony, iOS, and Android OS smartphones. Another important feature is the inclusion of eSim that allows you to attend and make phone calls from your smartwatch 3. Also, you can play music and even download apps. Wait, you surely need a Bluetooth connection for that. For the Huawei smartwatch 3, you don’t need active Bluetooth. Isn’t that amazing?

Another important feature includes fitness tracking. You can track each activity including walking, jogging, swimming, and others. There is a feature similar to the Apple smartwatch having activity completion rings that allow you to track your daily steps, oxygen saturation, and heart rate. Each activity can be logged in the realtime and stored for you to review later.

Battery Life of a Giant

Unlike other smartwatches, the Huawei smartwatch 3 offers you an idle battery life of 14 hours. For power-saving mode, you can extend the battery for up to 14 days. For all the features enabled, you can have the battery last for three days. So, you won’t have to worry about frequent recharging cycles.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Huawei smartwatch 3 is an all-in-one package deal for you. The Huawei smartwatch 3 offers you all the fitness as well as casual use features all packed in a single smartwatch. With features of eSim, fitness tracking, and massive battery life, the Huawei smartwatch 3 is the best choice in the market.


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