Since the invention of the 4k monitor, most computer users prefer to use these monitors as their selected screens. The reason is simple; 4K monitors ensure proper graphics, apparent colour saturation, and colour clarity. These monitors are used primarily for professionals whose jobs depend on clear colours, designs, and images.

But if you don’t have a 4K monitor or don’t have enough money to purchase a 4K Monitor, do you know you can use your television? The truth is a TV is more or less a big screen you can connect to your computer whenever you decide to. If you’re still in doubt, let’s take some reasons why you should use the TV in place of a 4K Monitor. 

Most TVs have the 4K resolution

As long as a TV was created within the past five years, there’s a high chance that the TV comes with a 4K resolution. To confirm this, you can check the pack of your television, as most brands already have it indicated. That way, you wouldn’t lose out on the graphic quality provided by a 4K Monitor. 

TVs give you a broader and clearer view

Most times, your TV should give a clearer view than your 4K Monitor. Usually, the largest size of a monitor you can see around is 30 inches. TVs, on the other hand, start from measures of nothing less than forty inches. That means, while you’re enjoying the 4K graphics quality, you’re enjoying it in a broader view. That means even the tiniest icons will show up clearly. Most new generation televisions have HDR compatibility within them. The HDR compatibility is more like upgrading the visual graphics on the screen. With an HDR-compatible screen, you will have more transparent colours, with the dark colours showing darker and the brighter ones remaining bright. 

TVs cater to multiple users

With a laptop screen, irrespective of how big the laptop is, you can have only two to three people viewing the screen simultaneously. But with the TV screen, you’re using a widescreen, which will be comfortable for many users. For instance, in a large meeting with different people, you can’t present a project in front of them. But with a large screen like a TV screen, it’s more comfortable. 

Saves you cost

Oftentimes than not, we already have a TV set in our homes. Buying a 4K monitor isn’t a bad idea, but if you don’t have the funds, you can always use your TV set. To buy a new 4K Monitor, you’ll be spending a lot of money, depending on the features you need. So instead of the price affecting you immediately, you can plan for the future while you use your TV set as a temporary fix. 

Speakers inbuilt

Most televisions have speakers built within them already. Although some 4K monitors have inbuilt speakers, not all of them have. Also, the kind of sound you’ll expect from a TV is different from what you hear from the monitor. 


4k monitors are great but can be a considerable investment. If you don’t have the assets for the new monitor, using your TV set can be a good option. Sometimes, it may be a better option than the monitor. 


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