Largely, smartwatches are taking over the wristwatch space, and these days, analogue and digital watches aren’t getting too much recognition. The reason for their increasing popularity is the extra features they add, asides simply telling you the time, setting alarms, stopwatch, among others. These amazing features relate to your health and activities – it’s more like having a smartphone, but this time, you place it on your wrist. 

The smartwatch industry is mainly controlled by giants Apple and Samsung. However, other smartwatches like the Huawei Watch gt2 Pro are gaining popularity. That’s because they give you pretty much the same value for a lower price. And the HUAWEI watch gt 2 pro strap is an adjustable one to switch it for any event. Apart from an adjustable strap, the Huawei Watch GT 2 comes in different sizes and features that make the watch an amazing option. Let’s look at some features you would love in the wristwatch. 

Different sizes

The first thing we love the most about Huawei Watch is the different size options available for the watch. There’s a watch size of 42mm and another of 46mm. Therefore, depending on the size of your hand and the kind of watch you like to wear, you have the liberty to choose the most suitable option. With the different sizes, they have different weights. The 42mm wristwatch weighs almost thirty grams, while the 46mm weighs a little over forty grams. 

2GB storage and speaker

The wristwatch, like most smartwatches, comes with storage and a speaker. The storage of the Huawei gt2 watch is about 2 gigabytes, and you can use it to store music. The watch also comes with a speaker that you can listen to music with if your headphones or earpiece is nowhere to be found. Apart from listening to music, thanks to the microphone in the wristwatch, you can make and receive calls effortlessly with this wristwatch. 

Great display

It’s one thing to have a wristwatch, and it’s another thing to see your wristwatch. Regarding display, you’ll hardly have an issue with the Huawei gt 2 Pro wristwatch.  Both sizes of the wristwatch are made with an AMOLED touch screen. This AMOLED touchscreen works perfectly when you touch it, as well as when you slide it. The 42mm wristwatch has a 390×390 high definition, while the 46mm has a 453 by 453 high definition. 


One of the best qualities of the wristwatch is the precision of its GPS. It uses the GLONASS satellite positioning system. The systems synchronize with the GPS to give you accurate information about your location in record time. 


The water-resistance of the Huawei GT 2 Pro is recorded with 5ATM. This means the wristwatch can resist water within the 500 meters range. That means you can use it for swimming, and in fact, this watch can help you monitor heart rate during the swimming activity. 


There are numerous unique features of the Huawei GT 2 series. The strap of this wristwatch is one of them, but we have discussed many other features of the Huawei wristwatch. 


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