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High Melting Point Paraffin Wax

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Wax with high melting point is ideal for various industrial fields, such as paper, PVC, adhesives, coating, ect. King Honor’s high temperature paraffin wax has the melting points from 64℃ to 72℃ with white color, low oil content, and good light stability. They are the pure paraffin wax. They can show the great consistency in production. KH PARAFFIN WAX F64N/L/H and KH PARAFFIN WAX F66N/L/H are complied with FDA172.886 and BPI certification. KH PARAFFIN WAX 70H is deeply refined to meet the different industrial requirements. King Honor, the reliable wax supplier, has high quality paraffin wax for choices! The Difference Between High Melting Point Paraffin Wax and Fischer-Tropsch Wax ? High melt wax is generated from crude oil by distilation, then solvent dewaxing and hydrogen refinery. The melting point can reach 72℃. Oil content can be controlled below 1%. For some grades, oil content can be less than 0.5%. Fischer-Tropsch wax is synthesised in the Coal-to-Liquids process. The melting point can reach 115℃. It’s harder and suitable for high working temperature. Why Choose Highest Melting Point? Paraffin wax has the very natural structure. It has good compatibility with wood and paper fibres. It’s the best choice for paper coating and wood waterbarrier. wax with highest melting point has the prior charracteristics to other waxes in use. King Honor’s high melting point paraffin wax is pure, white color and good viscosity. For more information, please feel free to contact us and get relevant paraffin wax documents or videos. How Can You Reduce the melting point of pure wax ? In fact, paraffin waxes with low melting points are manufactured. They just aren’t called “paraffin wax”. For example, paraffin wax with a melting point close to human body temperature is commonly called “petroleum jelly” or “Vaseline”. Different name but essentially the same thing. It’s the mixed hydrocarbon chain molecules. The shorter the range of carbon chains is, the lower the melting point is. Paraffin wax with the melting point below room temperature is called “mineral oil”. By mixing (melted) paraffin wax with either of these two substances (petroleum jelly or mineral oil) you would create a paraffin wax with a lower melting point.

For more information about what is melting point of wax  and  what wax has the highest melting point, please feel free to contact us!

If you need any kinds of paper wax , please contact us, as a professional wax manufacturer , King Honor is willing to offer you high quality products.


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